Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh, Mitt!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been discovering what Sarah Palin meant by the “real” America:

Apparently the “real” America doesn’t have internet set up at the lake-side yet. Neanderthals.

Anyway, the team and I left Utah a few days ago, and though Mitt Romney is not from there, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about the Mormon from Michigan who governed Massachusetts.

People accuse Mitt of being a flip-flopper, but that’s really not fair. People should be allowed to change their positions if facts show that a change in stance is more accurate or effective.

But that’s not what Mitt seems to be doing. Mitt just wants to be liked.

By anyone. Really badly. It’s pretty desperate.

He’s got most Mormons in the bag because he’s not a Democrat (let’s be honest here).

He’s constantly shifting to the right and putting on huge puppy-dog eyes in an attempt to get the Christian coalition on his side (I don’t know why, but it saves me a lot of trouble).

And he sound checks anything he thinks that the GOP will like (stuff like this). Actually, she sounds more sensible than most of the GOP right now).

In following this strategy of likeability, he’s alienating a lot of other people.

Like anyone not named above.

But that’s not my worry about Mitt. My biggest fear, and the reason I decided to run despite Romney already being in the race, is that when it comes to executive power and the scary things it can do (read this), Romney would be just another iteration of this:

Wow. That’s creepy.

Granted, he’d be better than both of them combined on the economy. But still:

As someone who has to grow up in this nation, I really don’t want more of that. Really.

Still, I’m going to do a bit of flip-flopping myself, and not the type where I turn over on to my stomach. In order to commiserate with Mitt, I am changing my favorite word from “literally” to “revisionist”. Let the pundits rejoice over some drama on this campaign that doesn't involve me drooling on old people (more to come).

And yes, to celebrate my new favorite word, next week I’ll be talking about Palin, Bachmann, and the Tea Party.

Just kidding. I’m revisionizing my previous statement and will soon write about HUNTSMAN!!!!! 


  1. Baby POTUSA, how would your own religious upbringing influence you as president? Would the nation be warranted in fearing the meddling of your parents in your decision-making as executive?

  2. Those are great questions that I will address in future posts.

    I respond to my constituents.