Monday, July 18, 2011

Pictures and Patriotism

People (grandmas) have complained that there aren't enough pictures on my campaign blog. Since I need their vote, I have to oblige the constituents.

This first one is of me in Moab, Utah. Those are trucks in the background. Real, American, Trucks.

Some of the other candidates have already challenged my patriotism, so here's me with an American Flag. Real, American, Flag. Also, a few have asked to see my birth certificate. They told me at the hospital that I'd have to wait at least 6 weeks, so still one more to go. Haters.

Here's a constituent and me crying about our current political leaders and the system that got them there. We are so distraught.

And here is me fulfilling yet again my promise to kiss old people (thanks, great grandma). Yes, I may be necking with her more than kissing her, but again, it's closer than just drooling on her. We're getting there.

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  1. Baby Liam! We need your take on the debt ceiling. Some of us haven't been this upset since we were weaned.